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August 12th, 2016

IWC returns to Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA next Saturday night August 20th, 2016 at 7:00 PM for our annual summer spectacular, Caged Fury 2016! Several matches were announced at Wipeout last month, but we have all that and more to report here!

Ever since DJ Z captured the heavyweight title in March, Dylan Bostic has been on the hunt. After coming up just short against DJ Z in June, Bostic aligned himself with Team LaBar and quickly earned a rematch. But this time, the title will be on the line in a 15 foot high steel cage! Will Bostic's new alliance be enough to help him capture gold, or will the cage be the great equalizer?!

A feud that started last December will come to a violent end inside of a 15-foot high steel cage on August 20th! Chris LeRusso originally came to the IWC in pursuit of the Super Indy title, but throughout months of battling Andrew Palace for that prize, this rivalry has gotten beyond personal. Now, the title is out of the picture and these men want nothing more than to end each other's wrestling careers. This match is one of the most highly anticipated and historically significant encounters in IWC history, and it will happen at Caged Fury!  

Many are calling the Super Indy 15 Tournament finals match between Jonathan Gresham and Josh Alexander the best match of the year. So on August 20th, we are going to do it again! The Super Indy Title will once again be on the line, but this time both men with enter the ring fresh! Will Alexander's path of dominance continue? Or will Gresham get redemption and cut Josh's reign short?

Last month, not only did Ray Lyn use the titanium plate in her surgically repaired hand to steal a quick victory, but she also played a key role in helping her other alliance members win throughout the night. To help make sure she is "pre-occupied", IWC management is bringing in one of the most violent women in the history of women's wrestling, LuFisto! Will Ray Lyn survive this dangerous encounter, or will LuFisto take Ray Lyn out of the equation?!

Since winning the tag team titles shortly after their debut, almost nobody in the IWC has been able to stop The Fraternity. But now, a new team will be making their debut, and looking to capture IWC gold just as quickly! EYFBO comes to Pittsburgh from NYC to make their IWC debut at Caged Fury! Are Mike Draztik & Angel Ortiz the team to finally dethrone the champs, or will the Fraternity keep the party going all summer long?!

After initially being ruled out due to injury, Jimmy DeMarco has been medically cleared to wrestle at Caged Fury! Jimmy will be given the opportunity to seek revenge on the man who cost him his match (and the chance to obtain the services of Ray Lyn) last month against Dylan Bostic. Will the deeelicious one take down the red hot Wardlow, or will the IWC continue to be Wardlow's world at Caged Fury?!

For months, Marshall "The Bull" Gambino has tormented Remy LaVey and Keith Haught because he felt that they never earned the opportunities that they have been given. After months of sneak attacks and blind sides, these men will finally step in the ring to settle their differences face to face, and Marshall is bringing a new friend! Will Remy and Keith finally prove themselves to this IWC vet, or will Marshal and Bronco earase the underdogs from IWC history?

Jack Sheridan will make his return to IWC after six months away! He claims he's "coming home"... what does he have in store for IWC?

IWC Wipeout takes place on Saturday July 23rd, 2016 at Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA with a special belltime of 7:00 PM. Tickets are on sale now HERE or by e-mailing!