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January 10th, 2017

We announced the winners of the 2016 IWC Year End Awards on Facebook this year, but in case you missed it, here's the results!

 Winner: Andrew Palace (26%)
2nd: DJ Z (21%)
3rd: Dylan Bostic (20%)

Winner: Britt Baker (54%)
2nd: Ray Lyn (21%)
3rd: Marti Bell (8%)

Winner: Andrew Palace vs. Chris LeRusso from Super Indy 15 (24%)
2nd: DJ Z vs. Jimmy DeMarco for the IWC Title at Reloaded 3.0 (23%)
3rd: DJ Z vs. Dylan Bostic in a Title vs. Career Steel Cage Match from Caged Fury 2016 (22%)

Winner: Chris Jericho (65%)
2nd: Booker T (12%)
3rd: Billy Gunn (8%)   

Winners: The Fraternity (36%)
2nd: Team Storm (27%)
3rd: Remy LaVey & Keith Haught (16%)

Winner: Britt Baker becomes 1st ever IWC Women's Wrestling Champion (33%)
2nd: Dylan Bostic loses career ending match, says goodbye (19%)
3rd: Booker T helps Remy & Haught win the Tag Titles from the Fraternity (15%)

Winner: Winner Takes All 2016 (32%)
2nd: IWC Presents House of Hardcore (21%)
3rd: Caged Fury 2016 (16%)

Winner: Ray Lyn (36%)
2nd: Justin LaBar (23%)
3rd: Ginger (15%)

Winner: JaXon Argos (27%)
2nd: Shane InYaFace (26%)
3rd: RC Dupree (21%) 

Winner: Andrew Palace (27%)
2nd: Britt Baker (26%)
3rd: DJ Z (13%)

Winner: Chris LeRusso (20%)
2nd: Dylan Bostic (18%)
3rd: Wardlow (16%)

Winner: Nick Lendl (45%)
2nd: Joe Dombrowski (22%)
3rd: CJ Sensation (14%)