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January 10th, 2017

IWC kicks off 2017 on Saturday night January 21st with Reloaded 3.0! The action kicks off at 7:00 PM at our home base of Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA. If you've seen the last two Reloaded live events, you know that ANYTHING can happen when IWC hits the Reset Button..


At Reloaded 3.0, the tradition continues as every IWC Champion will have to defend their titles against randomly generated opponents selected by the infamous "Reset Button"! With no time to prepare, and the options limitless, will our champions be able to walk away with their titles? We already have heard Superstars from across the country express their intent to show up at this event with hopes of being selected for a shot at IWC gold! Britt Baker and Wardlow make their first title defenses on January 21st, while The Fraternity and Chris LeRusso try to continue their reigns throughout 2017. Who will the Reset Button choose? Who will walk away with the gold?  

Last month, Jack Pollock shocked the IWC when he revealed himself to be the mastermind behind Team Storm, brutalizing Andrew Palace in the process. Now, with a full time contract in hand, Pollock will have to step into the ring with the IWC fan favorite face to face. After being one of the top stars in Pittsburgh to never step foot in an IWC ring, how will Pollock make his mark in IWC for the first time? Will Palace continue to be the star of IWC, or will Pollock storm his way to the top?!

Last month, DJZ had to forfeit the IWC Heavyweight Championship due to injury. That championship was eventually won by Wardlow later that night. However, earlier in that same night, Jimmy Vegas may have had Wardlow beaten if it wasn't for the interference of Justin LaBar. In the weeks since that event, both of these men have pleaded their case to be #1 contender. After much deliberation, IWC management decided that DJZ and Vegas will meet at Reloaded in a match in which the winner will be crowned the #1 contender to the IWC Championship! Will DJZ get a shot at the title he never lost, or will Jimmy Vegas earn his chance at revenge?!

The Reset Button won't only be reserved for IWC Champions at Reloaded! Once again, this year four randomly selected superstars will be selected to compete for the first entry into the Super Indy 16 Tournament! Who will be lucky enough to be chosen to compete for this incredible honor?! And who will qualify for the tournament this June?

Last month, Shane InYaFace won a battle royal to earn a shot at any IWC Championship of his choice at Proving Ground in February. However, the runner up, Bulk Nasty, feels that he deserves that honor because he eliminated 10 men in that battle royal, and claims that Shane could never hang with him one on one. At Reloaded, these new rivals will clash to settle their score in the ring! Will Shane prove that he is worthy of his opportunity, or will Bulk establish his monster status in IWC?

"Notorious" Shane Taylor returns to Pittsburgh as IWC presents Reloaded 3.0 on January 21st! We haven't seen Taylor since Winner Takes All 2013 when he and "Heavy Metal Jesus" Logan Shulo (now Elias Samson in NXT) did battle in their respective last matches with the company. Since then, Shane has made an impact in Ring of Honor as one-half of the Pretty Boy Killers, tearing through the tag team division. But, on January 21st, he returns to IWC to take his chances with the infamous Reset Button! Will he have any luck?

On January 21st, Jock Samson returns to the IWC! But this time, he's coming as part of The Mega Plowers with his partner, "Magnum CK" Chris Kahn! The duo announced their arrival via video at Winner Takes All in December. How will the Mega Plowers shake up the IWC tag team division?

IWC presents Reloaded 3.0 on Saturday January 21st, 2017 at Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA with a special belltime of 7:00 PM. Tickets are on sale now HERE!