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September 1st, 2016

IWC returns to Rural Valley  as we invade the shannock Valley Youth Center on Saturday September 17th, 2016 with the Rumble In Rural Valley! We have several matches to announce today so let's get right to it!

A feud that has been growing since April will finally come to an end on September 17th, and you can be part of it! Not only will the final bout between Bronco McBride & Marshall "The Bull" Gambino and Remy Lavey & Keith Haught be a street fight, but it will also be Fans Bring The Weapons! Will Haught & LaVey prove themselves as a legitimate tag team threat, or will Bronco & The Bull prove that these underdogs were just a fluke?! There will also be a special guest referee to enforce the rules, West Shamokin High School's no-nonsense Phys. Ed. teacher, Mr. McGaughey!
NOTE: Past IWC "Fans Bring the Weapons" matches have shown us that our fans are original (bowling balls, fish, a car door, old Nintendo systems and pink flamingo lawn ornaments, etc.), so you know that stuff like knives, barbed wire, light tubes, thumbtacks, hatchets and guns won't be permitted into the building. We already know you can come up with something more creative, so bring your weapons for the special "WEAPONS DRIVE" donation center that will be at the entrance of the venue!

The stakes will be high in Rural Valley as three men compete to determine who will challenge Josh Alexander for the Super Indy Title at House of Hardcore XX in October! Former IWC Super Indy Champion Gory returns to IWC looking for another shot at the gold. Alex Daniels is a Super Indy 14 finalist who was inches away from winning the title that night. Chris LeRusso came to IWC calling himself the "Heir Apparent" to the Super Indy Championship, and after his rivalry with Andrew Palace grew personal, he is now set to re-focus himself and concentrate on his goal. Which man will walk away with this huge opportunity?

After helping IWC owner Justin Plummer eject Justin LaBar from the building at Caged Fury 2016, the Sexy Talented Dudes have been rewarded with a tag team title match against current champs The Fraternity! The only catch? Chest Flexor, Corey Futuristic, "Kingpin" Brian McDowell, and "Wild Child" Lee Ryans (and Ginger) will have to decide which two of the STDs will get the title shot! The group had a hard enough time deciding who would defend the titles when they actually held the titles a few years ago! Who will challenge Channing Decker & Trent Gibson? Will Fraternity continue to be Eternity?

After finally ending his war with Chris LeRusso, Andrew Palace has some unfinished business! Two months ago, Bulk Nasty betrayed his friend Palace and acquired the services of Benjamin C. Steele, the man who brought LeRusso to take out Palace in the first place. Not only did Bulk betray him, but he planted him through a table in the process! Will Bulk's betrayal pay off, or will Palace continue his path of revenge?!

This match was scheduled last time we came to Rural Valley, but had to be postponed due to Ray Lyn's broken hand. Now with her hand reinforced with a titanium plate, but with Dylan Bostic gone from the IWC, the resident blonde bombshell is ready for her final match against Britt Baker! Will Ray Lyn continue her win streak without her man by her side, or will Britsburgh run wild?!

With Justin LaBar by his side, Wardlow has been an absolutely unstoppable force in 2016, undefeated in singles competition this far with notable wins over Impact Wrestling star Robbie E and former IWC World Heavyweight Champion Jimmy DeMarco. But he and LaBar haven't been shy about their intentions to disrupt the law and order of IWC management. On September 17, IWC owner Justin Plummer has hand-picked IWC legend, former IWC Super Indy Champion, and the only man to win two Super Indy Tournaments, Super Hentai, to stop Wardlow and LaBar in their tracks, and restore order to the company!

Bryan Bowers claims that he belongs at the top of the card in IWC. The Storm Wrestling Academy prodigy may not be happy about it, but he has another opportunity to prove that claim. In Rural Valley, Bowers takes on fan favorite and Iron City Wrestling Academy graduate, Santana Diamonds! This is the biggest opportunity to date for Diamonds in IWC. Will he be able to take advantage of it and make a name for himself at Bowers' expense? Or will Bowers' win streak continue?

Jack Sheridan gets another chance to make an impression on the IWC as he faces the rugged and dangerous John Rodin! Rodin is a man reborn, and possibly a complete opposite of his opponent. While Sheridan has been handed everything in life, Rodin has had to scratch and claw and earn every opportunity. With a recent training experience with the legendary Harley Race under his belt, will Rodin be able to topple the giant trust fund baby?

IWC Rumble in Rural Valley takes place on Saturday September 17th, 2016 at Shannock Valley Youth Center in Rural Valley, PA with a belltime of 7:30 PM. Tickets are on sale now HERE or by e-mailing!