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Iron City Wrestling Academy

The IWC Iron City Wrestling Academy (ICWA) will begin new classes soon! The ICWA conducts revolving tryouts and classes throughout the year at our facility in Jefferson Hills, PA (in the South Hills of Pittsburgh off of Lebanon Church Road near South Park, PA.)

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The ICWA is designed for all levels of experience from beginner to advanced. Our classes and instructors will help you lean what you need to know to get your start in professional wrestling. In addition to wrestling instruction, our school open to those interested in becoming referees, managers, and valets.

You need to keep in mind that in professional wrestling there are NO GUARANTEES! While we cannot guarantee you a lavish and profitable living in professional wrestling, we can guarantee that we will train you to the best of YOUR ability! YOU and only YOU are responsible for how far you can make it in the world of professional wrestling!

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Once you have attended and passed a tryout, your training will include:
*Emphasis on the fundamentals, drills, conditioning and weight training, ring psychology, development of timing and positioning, continuous evaluation, advice on character development, assistance with promos, etiquette and most of all…SAFETY!

The cost for the ICWA is as follows:
$100.00 try-out fee (non-refundable).
$200.00 per month.

*training is expected to be a 12 month program so the total cost will be $2400.00 (including try-out fee).

If you would like to pay for the entire class on the first day of training you will receive a discounted price of $2000.00.

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Once you have graduated you are allowed and encouraged to come to training sessions at no extra charge.

You must be 18 years of age to enroll in the ICWA School, however, with the consent of a parent/legal guardian you may enroll at the age of 17.

For more information or questions please email